Survey Results

Results include UTEP faculty, students, and staff who completed a survey prior to the policy change:

1. 68.3% of participants had ever tried smoking a cigarette (even one puff).
2. 15.4% of participants reported being current smokers.
3. Of those who reported having ever smoked, 56.4% had ever been daily smokers for six months or longer.
4. 88.9% of current smokers were light and intermittent (nondaily) smokers (on average, smoked between one and ten cigarettes per day on the days they smoked).
5. Approximately half (49.6%) of current smokers reported a serious interest in quitting within the next month or six months.
6. The majority of participants agreed that colleges should regulate tobacco use on campus (73.3%) and that colleges have a responsibility to adopt policies that ensure people have a smoke-free air to breathe (79.8%).
7. The majority of participants (56.5%) reported a preference for a restrictive policy regarding tobacco use on campus; one that prohibits all tobacco use on campus at all times, or one that prohibits smoking anywhere on campus at all times.
8. The majority of participants perceived a problematic use of tobacco on selected campus areas at some level (from minor to severe): at entrances/exits to/from buildings (74.9%), outside on the campus (65.7%), and on student events on campus (59.2%).

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